Heather lives with her newly married husband, Joe, and their little Yorkshire terrier, Pebbles in Worthing, West Sussex. She loves how her relationship with Joe, has deepened over the years that they have been together, and how the quality that they continue to build is reflected back in other relationships.

Heather has many interests such as, singing, cooking/baking, health and well-being, nutrition, writing, Esoteric Healing and Massage, hanging out with friends, and she love walking her dog Pebbles on the South Downs.

In recent years, Heather has been hugely inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and regularly attends the healing courses that are on offer. She can, without question, state that they have turned her life around completely.

It’s only since her introduction to this incredible man and what he presents through Universal Medicine, that she has been inspired to make more self-loving choices in her life. The ripple effect of this has meant that the quality of her relationships with others is so much richer and deeper than she ever previously experienced.

In her life today, she is a mature woman who is healthier and more joyful than ever before. Whereas life used to be overwhelming and a chore, she now enjoys and embraces life. She is committed to healing and letting go of what isn’t true, and sharing her experiences with others to offer that there is another way to live in these stressful times – a way that re-connects us with our inner-most essence and to live from there.