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For the love of God

December 18, 2017

 Photograph courtesy and copyright Laura Hoy



Who is God? Could it be that the true meaning of God has been lost over many centuries? Could it be that our view of who and what God stands for has been deliberately misinterpreted along the way in order to suit our own ideals of how we want life to be?


There are so many different ‘God’s’ and organised religions that we can take our pick from depending on what suits us, but what if the word 'God' has been re-interpreted to suit our own agendas?


It feels to me that our true understanding of God has been buried amidst very many beliefs over time and that we have long since and perhaps, conveniently forgotten who God really is, as well as our relationship with our Sacredness and Divinity.


For me, it goes without question that there is so much more to this physical life than just the surface that we see. I’ve always known that we come from somewhere so much grander and that our origins are divine, however, even with that knowing, I can see how I have held onto my own interpretation of God; one that fitted into what I wanted to believe was true. I lived in a way that was detached from this knowing; it was like I had many different compartments to my life and God was in one of those, stored away for me to turn to at my convenience.


I’m learning now, that God is not what I had previously thought or believed. God is not an external being to be feared, revered or prayed to, but an all-loving presence that resides within us all.


"God is Light and God is Love, both of which are one and the same source of emanating truth. These qualities cannot be felt in the mind, but are eternally known in our inner-heart."  

Serge Benhayon. Esoteric Teachings & Revelations p656


realise that my relationship with God is fundamental to my life, including my health and wellbeing and cannot be compartmentalised. Well, it can but there is a price to pay.


Without living in a way that honours the Divinity that I am from, life feels confusing, chaotic and devoid of true purpose or meaning. I find that the more I choose to live in a way that respects and honours my body, the more I feel my innate connection to God and the unwavering support that comes with this.


And so, all of the very practical self-loving choices I make each day to take great care of my body, support me in many ways, including deepening my relationship with God.


Choices such as:

  •  What quality I choose to move in

  • Taking responsibility for what happens in my life rather than being at the mercy of life and my emotions

  • How I wind down in the evening and prepare for my sleep

  • How I awaken and prepare for the day ahead

  • Not making choices based on what others expect from me

  • Eating in a way that supports my body to be as healthy as it can be                                                                                                         


I'm by no means perfect and sometimes I struggle between what I know is honouring for me and what I want in the moment, so it is very much a work in progress. What I do notice is that when I focus on my body in this way, the more I am able to observe and let go of old hurts, dramas, distractions and how I want life to be. This opens up space for me to connect to a very beautiful stillness that resides inside of me, one that is always there waiting to be tapped into whenever I choose to turn my focus inwards rather than outside of me, where we are bombarded with how we are expected to be.


It is in this stillness that I feel the presence of God; that I am actually not individual at all, but very much a part of the Universe and God. It is in this place that all beliefs drop away as I’m held in the presence of love; not the emotional kind of love that we come to accept as normal, but a love that holds us all equal, no matter where we come from or the hideous things we as humanity inflict on each other, no matter what our choices and behaviours are or how much we refuse to accept our Divine origins, God holds us all equally, without judgement, blame, critique or conditions. I know now that all of these traits are ones that we have adopted and projected onto God to suit ourselves.



God is love, pure and simple, and yet so gloriously grand. When I give myself space to reconnect to my essence, I know that this is what I am too, that I come from God and that we are one and the same, only difference being that I have chosen to live a so much lesser version of who I truly am, as we all have.


"If you do not make yourself equal to God, you cannot understand God" - Corpus Hermeticum 11:20


I’m learning that it is me that needs to take responsibility for how I have chosen to live over many lifetimes, and that it is not up to God or the Church to save me or forgive me or wipe clean the mess humanity is making on Earth.


I’m learning that as I accept my past choices and forgive myself, there is a healing in this and I feel myself gradually letting go of a self-imposed barrier that has prevented me from having a true relationship with God.


And it is through the deepening of my relationship with myself, that I have come to feel the stillness inside, the essence of who I truly am, and with that, I am solid and can choose to simply be me and bring more of me to all of my relationships.


That feels like love to me.


"If we do not see that it is we who are causing it all, we will again fall for and thus use that age old contractive excuse of blaming God for what we are allowing to happen here on Earth. We so easily turn away from God when things don't go our way, or question His very existence when disaster occurs and gets the better of us."


Serge Benhayon. A Treatise on Consciousness, p319



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