The key ingredient to true health and well-being - the esoteric

Coming across the esoteric for me has been akin to winning billions on the lottery. My choice to become an esoteric student of life, has been pure gold as it has put me on the path of true healing and I’ve never looked back.

What does esoteric mean?

This is a question I’m commonly asked when I talk to people about the esoteric modalities that I study and practice. It’s evident that there is either a general misconception around the word; that its meaning is somewhat mystical and shrouded in secrecy, only meant for a privileged few, or alternatively, simply not knowing what it means.

If you refer to various English language dictionaries, you will find reference to it being something mystical and secret that only a selected few are privy to. Over the centuries many words in the English language have lost their true meaning, and words like ‘esoteric’ and ‘occult’ are definitely among them.

Ancient esoteric knowledge has been passed down to us throughout time and true meaning of the word ‘esoteric’ simply refers to our innermost or our inner-heart, where the essence of who we truly are resides in each and every one of us. There are no secrets or mysteries, but simply a place within us all (not just a chosen few) that so many of us have long since forgotten about, and yet we all have equal access to.

"Everybody comes from the esoteric, it is in them and of them and it is the same in everybody - everybody has the esoteric on the inside. This is a fact that belongs to the meaning of the word esoteric - the inner-most."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 282

This innate deep connection within us – our essence – is untouched by all the beliefs, hurts, behaviours and ideals that we subscribe to in a life time; and when we begin to re-connect to this essence that resides in each and every one of us, we are able to feel the innate delicacy, tenderness, love and equalness of who we truly are and where we come from.

What I have come to feel through developing my connection to my innermost essence is that I am love and held by love, and in that love, there is a very natural connection to truth. I also feel the kind of innate qualities that I am, and yet don’t always express for fear of what others may think of me; qualities such as, tenderness, delicateness, stillness and strength are within me waiting to be connected to when I access my inner-heart.

The gentle breath meditation has been a great tool to use in supporting myself to re-connect to my essence. When I get stressed or emotional about things, this meditation brings me back to a sense of the stillness that is within me. This is where I feel a solidness that holds me steady whatever turbulence there is going on around me. This is who I am – not the drama’s, the hurt’s or the emotions. These all fall away when I connect to my essence and make choices from here.

What I love about bringing the esoteric into my daily life, is that it’s so practical and brings great focus to living in a way that takes me out of the confusion of life and has/is helping me to bring more love to me in the choices that I make, and this in turn has brought more love to all of my relationships, making life less about me and more about us all.

And so, the esoteric is far from secret or mystical, and for me it has proven to be based on a common sense understanding of life, offering practical tools and ways to support us with developing our reconnection back to our Soul through:

  • Reconnecting to the stillness within through the gentle breath meditation.

  • Making daily choices that confirm the natural qualities within me and expressing those.

  • Identifying complication and distraction and letting go of what isn’t true in my life.

  • Keeping life simple.

Discovering that there is a different way of living – an esoteric way of living – I have blossomed, my relationships have deepened, and my life has so much more purpose.

Looking back, I am astounded at how it’s possible to live in a way that totally ignores and buries this innate essence that we all have within, but we do. We have become immersed in a way of living that is all about doing and achievements in order to be happy, but all the time, there within us, we have this treasure just waiting to be connected to that can bring us immense joy that needs absolutely nothing. Because we are innately joy, we just have to dig a little deeper to connect to it, but it’s hugely worth it.

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