The Healing Ingredient – Love

Photograph courtesy and copyright of UniMed Living

I met a young guy the other day and we chatted about nutrition as we stood in a wholefood shop near where I live. The conversation turned to sugar as I commented on the selection of delicious looking refined sugar free goodies that were there. Now, I’m very much an advocate of the benefits of a sugar free diet, but from time to time​ I do still treat myself to sugar alternatives such as, dates, coconut nectar, fruit, honey etc. telling myself that it’s better for me than refined sugar, and of course, on a purely physical level it is.

I was stopped in my tracks though, when this young guy revealed that he doesn’t consume sugar in any form what’s-so-ever, after all, ‘A date is still packed with sugar’ he explained, and I had to agree. I then questioned him on his intake of carbs, thinking ‘Ah ha, he probably gets his sugar from there,’ but no! To be truthful I felt a little shocked, as he was clearly exposing my need for sweet treats in my life; it was a moment of honest reflection for me.

I do actually know people in my life who live without sugar in any way, shape or form, but I would say the majority of my friends do have the occasional refined sugar free treat, and that is fine – no criticism here. There are far too many shoulds and shouldn’ts around food; the way to go in my view is, it’s much better to feel for ourselves what suits our body and be open to changing and evolving our diet as we do.

There is a school of thought that anything in moderation is fine, but is this really a belief that gives us convenient permission to abuse our bodies in varying degrees? And do we ever consider, not only the calories or the huge rise in diabetes in our society, but how sugar, refined or otherwise, affects our moods and influences the choices we go on to make?

I have to confess that I would love to not need the kind of stimulation that sugar brings and so I am always full of admiration to those who love themselves so much that they make an informed choice to let sugar go completely from their diet.

I have managed periods of time, months even, without feeling the need to eat anything sweet but then something will kick in and a craving will start. I then have a choice, and quite often I will ignore my common sense and over-ride my bodies intelligence in favour of my favourite ‘healthy’ snack, fruit or pudding. Why? I’m sure we all have differing reasons, but for me, I feel that it’s linked to not valuing myself enough.

Maybe the key to letting go of sugar then, is through building a deeper sense of self-worth, appreciating our value and bringing self-love into our daily choices.

And so, as I continue to develop my relationship with self-love, I find myself pondering on the possibility:

Could the healing ingredient to ours and humanities unrest simply be love? Not the emotional kind of love, but in the truest sense – yes, without question. So let’s start bringing focus to self-love and watch the ripple effects in our lives and the world. What could our lives, health and societies look like then? The impact would be vast as the ripple effects would then be felt throughout our health system and beyond. An ingredient well worth adding, I feel sure.

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